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SMART Learning

What Terranora Public School offers is unlike any other primary school in our region.

We are proud to be at the forefront of guiding, encouraging and supporting high potential and gifted students, valued global citizens, and the entrepreneurs of our future.

Our SMART Learning programs include SMART Business, SMART Creative and SMART Environment.

At each year level, students develop leadership ability, learn new skills and approach their work collaboratively. Students are supported and encouraged to achieve their best in a progressive learning environment through each stage of their development.

SMART Business

Our Hospitality program is designed for older students interested in careers in hospitality. Students gain practical experience preparing food and serving customers, and are encouraged to create recipes using ingredients grown as part of the SMART Environment program. This program also links to the Entrepreneur program with students designing a business plan.

Our Entrepreneur program offers students a future-focused learning experience where they are encouraged to become self-directed, life-long learners. Combining literacy and numeracy skills, students develop and apply critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, digital capabilities, self-confidence, design thinking and problem solving. With encouragement and guidance, students build essential skills to be successful global citizens.

SMART Creative

Our Design program offers students an opportunity to imagine, create and bring their ideas to life using a variety of innovative technologies such as 3D design and printing, building, construction, computer programing and coding. Collaboration, teamwork and problem solving skills are taught and nurtured to develop effective SMART Creative learners.

Our Robotics program is for K-6 with problem solving, thinking critically and analytical decision making using robotics as a platform for learning. We offer an engaging way to develop coding and programing skills while teaching students through immediate experience and understanding.

Our Film program allows students to create though different media and genres. They develop skills to express their imagination and ideas and learn how to take their projects to the next level using photography, film capture and editing techniques. Students gain practical experience using innovative technologies such as drones, high end filming equipment and studio effects.

SMART Environment

Our Agriculture program teaches students about sustainability, farming, natural resources, horticulture and land management to equip them with skills to navigate an ever-changing world. K-6 students learn through practical, hands-on activities that promote life skills and challenge them to think about food and fibre production. Students are encouraged to make real world connections between themselves and the products they consume. Students work together to grow their own food and raise animals, as well as learn about responsible farming practices and waste reduction.